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Jim McMahon

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Jim McMahon

Heroes Collection



Each piece in the Heroes Collection represents something uniquely memorable from a player’s career. With his brashness and confidence, Jim McMahon became a cultural hero during the 1985 season. After being fined $5,000 by NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle for wearing an adidas headband during the ‘85 Bears’ Divisional playoff game, McMahon responded in the NFC Championship game by wearing a headband with Rozelle’s name on it. McMahon recalls, “I didn’t get fined that week. Got a phone call from Pete thanking me for the free advertising.” Before the Super Bowl, McMahon was sent dozens of headbands from fans and companies hoping he would wear them during the game. He received a warning from the commissioner not to wear anything unacceptable. In response, the ever-unpredictable quarterback wore a series of headbands drawing attention to various charities and social causes, along with a nod to his friend and former teammate Danny Plater (nicknamed “Pluto”) who was fighting brain cancer.

A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinees Assistance Foundation, an organization that assists HOF members and their families.

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