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Troy Aikman

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Troy Aikman

Costacos Classics - Neon Edition



Before the internet and the proliferation of digital photography and design, there was the Costacos poster. Hanging on the walls of millions, these iconic images represented a new genre of sports art in the 1980s and ‘90s. Capturing the personality of each player, the posters have stood the test of time as defining images of the athletes they feature. As Charles Barkley put it, “The poster made you cool, you didn’t make the poster cool.” In the Neon Edition, each Costacos Classic has been digitally re-mastered with neon lights as an homage to the marquee nature of each player’s career. In addition, the collection frames each poster in a unique environment as a nod to the original Costacos poster shoots when props, fog, extras, and creativity were used to define a fantasy setting. John Costacos recalls the making of the original Troy Aikman poster: “Dressing Troy up as a Cowboy seemed too easy. It was so much the obvious choice that we over thought it and tried to come up with a bunch of other concepts. What a waste of time. He looked perfectly natural dressed as a cowboy. Every take was great. All the women that worked for us volunteered to go to that shoot.”

A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinees Assistance Foundation, an organization that assists HOF members and their families. Not authorized or sponsored by the NFL.

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